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‘Cloud 9’ is a song from the soon to be released LP ‘2029’ (on Raving Pop Blast Recordings, RAVE20182CDR), but this is a whole new recording of the song. It was recorded at Rocker's legendary StAR Studio on a cold winter's day, but the song's origins had a more pleasant seasonal birth....

The song began with a more or less true story (the untruths have been redacted)....

‘I remember walking through the gardens of the hospital, a converted country house, pXoXaXlX X gXt aXaX fXr X hXgX rXnXiXg oXfXcXaX.

It was spring, the daffodils were yellow and the grass was a vivid green.

I reached the point that looked out across the valley that snaked its way through the wooded hills. I sat on the bench and looked upwards to the sky. High above the clouds I could see an object traveling from eXsX tX wXsX and I wondered who they were and where they were going.’

The LP ‘2029’ Is a concept sci-fi LP. A sequel to George Orwell's 1984, but 2029 ends with love winning the day and the universe in balance, albeit at the cost of the almost entire loss of humanity, but hey!

Jonny Kinkaid, AKA jon kent, Jonny Nashville and jon.k.
Founder member of the Groove Farm and Beatnik Filmstars. Played in Kyoko, Block and Air Bomb Repeater. Now playing electric guitar in The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy/Experiment/Arrest! and working on solo projects....


released February 8, 2018

The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid: Guitars, Vocals
Rocker: Organ, Harmonium, Synths, Sequencing
The Imaginary Nowhere Band: Everything else

Recorded at StAR Studio, Bristol, UK August 2017 - January 2018

Written by The Reverend
Produced by Rocker


all rights reserved



Local Underground Bristol, UK

Eclectic music label based in Bristol, UK. Specialising in short run limited editions that nevertheless shift very few copies. Local Underground is Rocker's baby, baby.

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Track Name: Cloud 9 (Full Version)
People in aeroplanes
Flying around the world
Taking the time to read
Books on philosophy
Meeting new people
Making new friends
Saying what's on your mind
Losing all track of time
I want to live up in the clouds
Where everything’s clean
I'm packing my bags today
I'm flying away
To find somewhere new
That's what I'm going to do
I'm leaving it all behind
Its breaking my heart
I don't want to say goodbye
But baby I'm going to try
I'm going to live up in the clouds
Where everything’s clean
You're going to miss me when I'm gone
I never promised you
I never said I was the one
I'm going to live up in the clouds
Where everything’s clean
I'm watching the skyline
I'm watching the stars
I'm going to be the one
Living inside the sun
Everything’s burning
Everyone’s gone
Now that I'm on my way
There's nothing left to say.